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How To Get A Foreign Phone Number That Will Be Ringing In Your Country

Due to globalization which the internet has made possible, it’s now important to have a foreign number if you are thinking of doing online business globally.

But the problem is: “How Do I Get Such Phone Numbers?

Anyway, that is why I’m writing this article for you. I’m going to show you how I got my UK phone number that rings on my laptop.

With this measure you can have any country’s number ringing on your pc provided you have internet connection.

Now, let’s roll to the steps to take. I know you’re waiting impatiently for it.

Steps To Take

1. Go to http://Cashu.com

2. Click on Register Now under Payment Account.

3. Fill your details. Don’t try to hide anything coz they are not like PayPal. They accept Nigerians.

4. Confirm your email and  become a member.

5. Fund your CashU account with $20.
Note: You can use CashU Vouchers from NigeriaGoldExchange.com to fund your CashU account. Just buy $20 Voucher and you are done.

6. Remember to copy your CashU account number as seen on left-hand side of your account portal. You will need it later.

7. Then, logout.

8. Go to http://Skype.com

9. If you already have an account with them, then login with your details through your web browser. If not, create a fresh account there. It’s free. Here, I will assume you already have an account with them and have downloaded their free software.

10. Click on Sign In and login with your details.

11. Now that you are inside, click on Online Number.

12. When it opens, click on Get an Online Number

13. You will see about 24 countries where you can get an Online Number including USA and UK. Click on any country you want. For this write-up, I will choose USA.

14. When I clicked on USA, I found out I can get online number from any States in the US. So, I choose Maryland.

15. When I choose Maryland, then I saw some cities in Maryland where I can set up my online number. Then, I choose Laurel. So, I saw some numbers and I selected one of them.

16. Click on Activate Number.
Note: Do select “Display this number when I call phones in United States from Skype”

17. You will see subscription amount. That of 3months period ($18) will be pre-selected. If you want 1 year, it will cost you $60 in your CashU account.
Note: You can use Cashu Vouchers from NigeriaGoldExchange.com to fund your CashU account for this purpose.

18. I selected that of 3months subscription and clicked on Next button, then Continue with Payment tab.

19.  After clicking on Continue with Payment tab, I was taken directly to CashU payment gateway.

20. Enter the CashU account number I asked you save, your password and the codes you will see.

21. Login and make payment if you have balance your account.

22. After payment, Skype will send you an email with your new online phone number. If you have downloaded their free software, then login and use your local phone to call the online number. You will be surprised to see it ringing on your pc if you are connected to the internet.

But if you are not online, don’t worry coz Skype will save the voicemail for you. And when you are online, you can hear the the voicemail.

The beauty of Skype is that you can call any phone or mobile number from your account. Just buy some credit and start calling.

Remember, you can use your CashU account to buy credit on Skype. Just click on NigeriaGoldExchange.com and get yourself Cashu Vouchers for this purpose.

Remain blessed.

I’m committed to your success,

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