How to unlock Internet modem

How to unlock Internet modem Hello once again, Today we are going to talk about How to unlock your modem online and offline. First thing you should know about modem is that all modems bought from a network provider are restricted by the network provider to use only its sim card so if you want to use another sim card you must unlock to bypass the restriction.. How to unlock your Modem Offline Download universal modem unlocker from mediafire here UNZIP the software RUN it on your computer Select your modem brand -ZTE,NEC,LG,NOKIA,VK,HUAWEI Insert you Modem IMEI and click calculate you will see something like this Phone IMEI: 350123009876543 Calculating Codes… Codes Calculated OK… Done… on the top you will see your code How to unlock your modem Online The online tool For Huawei is the only one i trust so i will give you a link to the page. Goto A-ZGMS Insert your Imei and click calculator Your code will be Generated instantly Thats all Others will be posted as soon as they are Verified. That is How to unlock Internet modem Source